poniedziałek, 26 czerwca 2017

RZEŹNIA [niedziela 23.00-2.00]
emisja: 25/26.06.2017

Wydanie: 657

Perły przed Wieprze: PHLEBOTOMIZED "Immense Intense Suspense"
Immense Intense Suspense / Barricade / Dubbed Forswearer / Mellow Are the Reverberations
Hammerheart Records

Fall to Depravity / Our Trivial Toil / Diminish / Moirae
Underground Activists/Season Of Mist

Interlude / Octahedron - Harbinger / Dodecahedron - An Ill-Defined Air of Otherness / Finale
Season Of Mist

Black Horizon Is the Gates of a Blizzard / A Spiteful Wind Buries All the Lonely Whispers
Season Of Mist

Ereb Altor
Voluspa / En synd svart som sot / Av blod är jag kommen / Gleipnir
Hammerheart Records

Naros / Hvít sang / Dýrafjördur / Ambátt
Season Of Mist

Suicido Ilustrado
Satanath Records

Let Silence Be His Sacred Name
Underground Activists/Season Of Mist

Nadejdzie ten czas
2017 Thesis

poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017

RZEŹNIA [poniedziałek 00.00-02.00]
emisja: 19.06.2017

Wydanie: 656

Perły przed Wieprze: OUTLAW ORDER "Dragging Down the Enforcer"
Outlaw Order
Intro / Relive the Crime / Safety Off / Double Barrel Solves Everything / Alcohol Tobacco Firearms / Mercy Shot / Narco-Terroristos / Siege Mentality / Walking Papers / Dragging Down the Enforcer / Outro
Season Of Mist

In Reverence
Gods Of Dehumanization / The Selected Breed / Life Rejuvenate
Non Serviam Records

Black Thrones of Death / Exile in Death
Agonia Records

Sons Of Balaur
Old Relics / Van Helsing Must Die
Season Of Mist

Pillars Of Dismay / Towards The Ultimate Extinction
Godz Ov War Productions

Born to Decay / Messiah / Kill All Your Masters / Dead World Breathes
Century Media Records

Season Of Mist

niedziela, 11 czerwca 2017

RZEŹNIA [niedziela 23.00-2.00]
emisja: 11/12.06.2017

Wydanie: 655
feat.: Roger Iderman [F.O.A.D]

Perły przed Wieprze: DEVIATED INSTINCT "Welcome To The Orgy" / "Rock'n'Roll Conformity"
Deviated Instinct
Scarecrow / Cancer Spreading / Disciples Of The Storm / Despair / Pearls Before Swine / House Of Cards / Putrid Scum / Rock'n'Roll Conformity / Doom's Day
Peaceville Records

Devastated Graves / Carnage
Putrid Cult

My Lord, My Father / Respect For Death
2017 Uerberos

F.O.A.D + wywiad Rogerem Idermanem
Avoid the Smell of Semen / Chaos of Reign / Legion of the Dead / Morbid Truth / Bastard Son (Demo-nical version) / Doomed Rebirth of Christ / Deathcamp VIII / Holiday In Armenia
MyThronePromotion/Defense Records

Dead Head
The Day Of The Devil / Spanish Horse
Hammerheart Records

Decrepit Birth
Orion [Metallica cover] / Desperate Cry [Sepultura cover] / Infecting the Crypts [Suffocation cover] / Vortex Of Infinity
Agonia Records/Nuclear Blast

Cascading Failures / Mithridatic
Agonia Records/Nuclear Blast

Pigs Blood
Torches Of War and Retribution / The Age of Endless War
Godz ov War Productions

Sprawl of Sin / Evil Names
Underground Activists/Season Of Mist