poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017

RZEŹNIA [poniedziałek 00.00-02.00]
emisja: 19.06.2017

Wydanie: 656

Perły przed Wieprze: OUTLAW ORDER "Dragging Down the Enforcer"
Outlaw Order
Intro / Relive the Crime / Safety Off / Double Barrel Solves Everything / Alcohol Tobacco Firearms / Mercy Shot / Narco-Terroristos / Siege Mentality / Walking Papers / Dragging Down the Enforcer / Outro
Season Of Mist

In Reverence
Gods Of Dehumanization / The Selected Breed / Life Rejuvenate
Non Serviam Records

Black Thrones of Death / Exile in Death
Agonia Records

Sons Of Balaur
Old Relics / Van Helsing Must Die
Season Of Mist

Pillars Of Dismay / Towards The Ultimate Extinction
Godz Ov War Productions

Born to Decay / Messiah / Kill All Your Masters / Dead World Breathes
Century Media Records

Season Of Mist

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